In this era of digitalization, staying relevant in your customer’s sight is one of the crucial metrics to grow your business. One such proven and powerful way to make your brand stay high in your customer’s mind is email marketing. While there are many effective ways for each kind of business to tap into their target market, email marketing is the common and must-have strategy in place for improving your business’ image. Read further to understand the benefits of email marketing. 

Build customer relationship

While social media platforms are a great channel to sell your products directly, the odds of creating a lasting impression of your brand in the customer’s mind is quite low. Social media platforms are algorithm-driven. All your product’s offers, updates will be scrolled away in the feed without much thought. In the era of tap-click-swipe, every customer looks for personalized experiences. When it comes to email marketing, the database of your customers is not a random list of potential shoppers but a list of customer ids who willingly and consciously opted to get discounts, offers, brand updates, etc into their inbox. Email marketing can help you build a lasting and personalized brand relationship with your customers. You can find, compare,  and avail the best email marketing tools from Digitalsupermarket based on your business needs and budget. 

Personalized updates and content 

Email is the modern love letter that is a sure shot to gain one’s trust. To grow your business, it is crucial to maintain a formal and healthy relationship with customers who signed up to your business updates or your previous customers. Email marketing is the best way to categorize and send targeted content based on your customer’s preferences. Be it sending a birthday message or sending updates about your business or sending occasional heart-warming push up notifications, email marketing is the best investment to be around in the customer’s sight for a long time. 

Building Brand Presence 

Ever wondered why some companies give away freebies or their company logo printed goodies with attractive offers? Despite being an additional investment, many brands do that. Why? To establish their brand and to be known to their customers. With email marketing, you can tailor content based on proven customer preferred metrics. When customers receive emails that are based on their interests, they don’t flag your mail as spam,  thereby making your brand marketing more simple and effective. 

Create Sales Funnel

Email marketing is a proven way to attract and retain your customers. But is that all? Definitely not. Let’s say you are an Ecommerce business owner who sells customized gifts. During the holiday season, every customer looks for personalized gifting options. Sending out your discounts, products, or details about the sale directly to your customer’s inbox is a sure shot to convert sales. This way, every business can maximize their sales by investing in email marketing and making sure that they send relevant content and reminders from time to time. 

Increase website traffic 

Call to action content is one of the important strategies to drive traffic to your website. Attractive word play when combined with interesting content drives the customer to read more and click more. Emails are the best way to do that.  Many successful businesses include blog posts in their email campaigns by embedding the descriptions- which are precise yet interesting, and send out the emails to their database. This way, when the customer clicks the “read more” button, it redirects to the website page, where they explore the website more, thereby increasing the website traffic. 


With so little investment, email marketing gives you quality results. On social media platforms or in the case of targeted ads, there are a zillion options just a click away from the user. But when it is directly reaching their inbox, it is highly likely that the customer might interact with the mail and if not purchasing right away, will recommend to a friend or acquaintance to try the product/service out. This way, email marketing helps you in establishing word of mouth strategy, brand marketing, and targeted campaigns, all at one investment. 

Lead Generation 

How often do you see people spending time on shopping something online or getting to know a service in a deeper way? Almost everyday. Sometimes the search is for immediate purchase or hire and sometimes it is just the curiosity that drives them. The first category customers explore different options available and if you do your job right (by including relatable content, detailed description, and all the details precisely with rich image or video content), they buy or enquire right away. The second category customers need a nudge. They are not your immediate converts, rather skeptic leads who are in a dilemma whether to buy the product or avail the service. Often, your mails act as a push for them to take an action- whether to take it or leave it. When your mails are popping up every now and then, it is highly likely that the customer keeps your brand in mind the next time they consider to avail your service or buy the product. This way, through email marketing you can convert quality leads without much investment. 

Better Vendor Relationships 

Are email marketing techniques only for the B2C segment? Definitely out. Even if you are a B2B service provider, you can optimize your campaigns with a professional touch. Business to business relationships are more fragile and competitive. Whenever you are concentrating on communicating your new product or service updates, rather than calling up and setting appointments, you can directly use the email marketing approach to stay on top. Email is the communication channel in all organizations and leveraging the user base, you can not only maintain your formal relationship with the businesses but also update them about your organization. 

Wrapping up

Email marketing is one of the most used digital marketing strategies in recent times. Irrespective of the size and kind of organization, customer-centric digital experiences and professional communications are the driving forces for establishing a firm image in the market. Unlike traditional marketing strategies, email marketing is more refined. While in other marketing strategies they invest time and money on finding the target audience and then targeting the content, in email marketing they already have the target audience and their preferences in place. With less investment, they can drive more sales. Grow your business and improve your brand presence by including email campaigns in your marketing strategies.