Saving money is something that all businesses are looking to do after the hard year that 2020 was with everything going on in the world. Reading through this article will give you an idea of where you can begin to save money in 2021!  

Go paperless

Going paperless means that you are not going to be spending money on paper for printers. This also means that you will be saving money on printer cartridges and the electricity it costs to run the printers. These savings will soon add up at the end of the year. You also get the plus side of helping out the environment as well by reducing your paper usage. 

You can work around not using paper anymore by using any of the numerous cloud storage services. These cloud storage services allow you to store all the data that you would usually put on paper. It also allows you to scan current documents you have on paper and upload them to this cloud storage. This solution also allows your employees to access any data that they may need from any account that has access to this cloud storage software. So, working from home can be made a lot easier, if you plan on carrying on with this system.  

Evaluate your heating system

One of the biggest costs can be heating, especially when it gets to the middle of the winter. Offices central heating systems often tend to be outdated and old. Meaning that they are going to cost a lot of money in the long run, in both boiler repairs and bills. 

It is important to make sure that your office’s boiler is serviced at least once a year. This way any problems will be caught before they become serious. Make sure to schedule this service during late spring or early summer. This way if your boiler is needing repairs and cannot function for a period of time it is un-needed anyway due to warm weather. 

Evaluate the size of your office

With many people beginning to work at home in the last year there has been lots of talk about if this is going to continue. This may also be the case for your company. If your employees have been working from home but you found that your companies results have stayed the same or improved, it might be time to consider working from home as a full-time option. While this could continue the same results it will also mean, if you are in a rent office space, that you have the potential to downsize to a smaller office. 

Downsizing will allow you to move to a smaller office. Meaning you will be paying less a month in rent whilst also maintaining a physical location for both customers/clients and also for employees who do not wish to work at home. 

Buy consumables in bulk 

There are plenty of consumables that are used in an office with everything from paper and printer cartridges to coffee. These consumables can soon add up. If you use a set supplier for your printer paper and cartridges and have the storage room and money it may be worth ordering these in larger quantities as it will be cheaper in the long run. The same can be said for buying multiple jars of coffee or tea when they may be on offer so that you are saving in the long run. It is the little things like this that will add up at the end of the year. 

Although if you take the tip of going paperless you will not have to worry about paper and printer cartridges anymore. 

Change how you advertise

Advertising has always been expensive, especially traditional advertising of newspaper ads and leaflets. Costs you can incur from these traditional methods are printing, labour and not to mention the cost of placing the advert in the paper. There are some great alternatives out there now that can expose your business to a range of different people looking for your products but would not see these traditional advertising methods. 

There is a whole range of advertising platforms available on the internet that can be seen as a far cheaper and often a more successful form of advertising. These advertising avenues allow you to set a budget for yourself that you are not able to overspend on and once the budget is met your adverts will no longer run. This means that you can stay in charge and never go over budget. While it will take time to learn to use these platforms and they do take some management from time to time, in the long run, you should see more success as well as saving money. 

Those are a few tips that you can put in place in 2021 to begin to save money for your business. With this money saved, you can start to re-invest or plan for any future issues that may be caused. Always remember to carry on looking for ways that you can save!