Did you know, there are countless new products launching every day? Yes!!! But the hidden truth is 95% of new products are often failed.

The million-dollar question is why does a product fail? There are several reasons for new product failure. It includes failing to understand customer needs, poor quality, creepy design, launching the product without testing and more. If you want to launch a successful product, you need to pay attention to these things. Every stage is important. In this article, let’s take a look at testing.

What is testing?

Testing plays a crucial role while developing a new product or service. It is the step by step process of evaluating a product with the intention to identify the errors or bugs. A software tester will check whether the product meets the requirement or not. The process helps to identify and fix the bugs and errors beforehand.

There are two types of testing i.e manual and automation testing.

Let’s discuss what automation testing is and the reasons why you need it.

What is automation testing?

Automation testing is a popular software testing technique that uses special tools and resources to execute the test case suite. The process is also called test automation. It ensures the product is error-free and the product is functioning as expected.

The tasks are performed without manual intervention. The automation tools manage repetitive tasks with ease. As a result, test automation achieves excellent speed, accuracy and efficiency.

While the automation testing services are a good fit, when QA engineers need to reduce tasks they perform regularly on a repetitive basis. 

Key reasons automated testing is deserving

Automation testing offers infinite benefits, allows you to develop an excellent application with less overhead and less time. Sounds amazing right!!! Simply put, automated testing will increase productivity and decrease costs.

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Running tests around the clock

Whether you’re at the office or anywhere on the earth, you can run tests without any hassles. All you need to do is press the run button when you leave the workplace. Everything will be taken care of by the automation testing tool. When you get back to the office, you can see the test case results. It works in a simple and straightforward way. With automated testing, you don’t need multiple devices to test.

Frequent changes

It’s no surprise that an agile product doesn’t work with a full set of requirements. It means the requirements change according to the customer’s priorities, latest market trends and more. The test scripts are modified and changed frequently. The impressive benefit of automation testing is “Adaptability to Change”. With a single click, the automation tool performs the test for frequent changes and ensures whether the end-user needs are satisfied or not. The tool will respond quickly and effectively to frequent changes.


For a business entrepreneur time is money. If you want to save time, automation testing is the best solution for you. Test cases need to be performed repeatedly to ensure a quality check. Whenever a source code is changed, modified or deleted, the test needs to be repeated. With automation testing, particularly now with the use of AI in software testing, you can save time while running repetitive tests. Manual testers don’t need to spend their time testing the repeated tasks. They can concentrate on other important testing activities.

Improved accuracy

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced testing engineer, you often make mistakes while testing. The saddest part is that you assume you are testing in the proper way. But not, there is a chance of making mistakes when there are complex tasks that are assigned to you. No more worries!!! With automated testing, you can run the test cases with 100% accuracy. The automated testing will test a similar test case carefully every time and record every detail. Manual testers can free their time by using automated testing.


Did you know that the test suites are reusable? Yes!!! The scripts can be used again and again. A manual tester doesn’t need to worry about adding new scripts every time when a new project is launched. Automation testing allows you to reuse the test suite for other projects as well. This is the biggest advantage to choose automated testing. Testers can easily hook up the future project with the automated test suite.


Automation testing will reduce your expenses. Fewer resources are used in an automated test environment. As a result, you can save money while testing the product. You don’t need to hire professional testers to test the product. This way you can save money on training, salaries and more.

Keep a note, you need to spend time and resources whenever you install and set up the automated testing environment. Also, you will be paying hard-earned money on the best automation testing tool.

Faster feedback cycle

Manual testers take a couple of days to get feedback for the newly added features. Automation testing is here to rescue. With the test automation tool, you can easily get feedback in no time. It means the feedback cycle is faster than the manual tester. 

Better insights

Insights play an important role in the software testing phase. Automated testing tools offer better insights compared to manual testing processes whenever a test case fails. The best part of automation testing software is it provides better insights in the form of data tables, pie diagrams, file contents and more. Testers can get a clear picture of the testing process with insights. Also, testers can conclude what’s going well and what’s not.

Wrapping up

Automation testing helps you detect and fix the errors or bugs in the initial stages of the software development phase. It increases the testing team efficiency and reduces the overall cost by fixing the problems beforehand. Automation tools are reliable and perfect solutions to test repetitive jobs which cannot be ignored. You don’t need to hire a professional testing team to write the test scripts. With automation testing, every process is automated. No more hassles!!! Hope you’ve got enough reasons to invest in automation testing tools.