A mobile phone is a powerful communication device. It is making people’s lives easier. Everybody relies on a mobile phone. Don’t you agree? Yes!!! No matter whether you would like to connect with your friend or send an email to your customers, the mobile phone is the perfect handy tool. It allows you to interact with your dear ones across the globe. Mobile industries are playing an important role in the business world. These industries are introducing a new mobile model and integrating impressive extended functionalities to make the customers happy.

Are you planning to buy a mobile phone? Looking for the best mobile phone deal? Yes!!! You’re at the right place. Follow the below tips and get the best mobile phone at a pocket-friendly price.

Pick the right mobile phone handset for you

Question yourself!!! What is the best mobile phone handset? Which one is better Android or iOS? What is the budget for the mobile phone?

Great news!!! Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, HTC, Oppo are popular brands across the globe. Pick the best brand that is well-suited to your lifestyle. Few mobile phones are specially designed to watch movies, play video games, listen to music, work productively etc. Every brand has a unique set of features. Choose the best mobile phone that fits your needs. Also, pick the mobile phone in your budget.

Online research

A person doesn’t get satisfied with their own mobile phone. It’s human psychology that people always check for a new model with attractive functionalities. Also, they plan to buy a new one. Nowadays, buying a mobile phone can be a daunting task. Since it’s the world of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note. Mobile phones are improving daily, it’s important to spend some time on online research and make a wise choice while buying a mobile phone. Simply put, research is the key for mobile phone buyers. Compare My Mobile is one of the popular websites to provide information, best deals, discounts on the latest mobile phone. While researching keep an eye on software, price, deal, etc. Note down your requirements and cross-check with the brands. Pick the best mobile phone brand on it.

Look for a cheap mobile phone deal

If you’re happy with the existing provider and looking for better features, contact their customer service and request them to provide the best deals for you. As you’re an existing customer the providers will make you happy by providing the best deal according to your requirements. This way you can get a cheap mobile phone deal easily.

Get instant cashback on mobile phone purchase

Mobile industries are introducing cashback deals to increase customer trust and loyalty. These cashback programs are encouraging customers to purchase again. Take advantage of cashback offers and get your money back to your bank accounts. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before claiming the cashback deal. Because cashback offers and rewards are valid for specific banks and users.

Check network coverage

Having reliable network coverage is important. Whether you’re at home or travelling to places, you need to have solid mobile coverage. The poor network will have a great impact on your daily work. Also, good network coverage is essential to run a successful business. Start checking the network coverage on their websites. Look whether the mobile phone will work perfectly in the recipient’s locations or not. If the location is not covered then switch to another network provider.

Shop offline

Whenever you plan to purchase a new mobile phone, you get confused between online and offline store. No more worries!!! Purchasing the mobile phone from the nearest mobile store is always a better option for you. Because you can get a touch-and-feel experience before paying the bill. The mobile expert will give brief information about every mobile phone. The offline store will also provide a better discount than the online store. Also, you can approach the store whenever there is an issue with the mobile phone. The customer support team will assist you round the clock.


The mobile phone is an important part of people’s lives. It is a valued investment to increase lifestyle quality. When you buy an expensive mobile phone, you need to be extra cautious. Identify the risk associated with mobile, there may be possibilities of accident, theft, breakage, screen damage etc.

Protect your mobile phone with the insurance coverage plan. When your mobile phone is stolen or damaged, it can create a hole in your pocket. Find the best mobile insurance plan that provides coverage for loss, theft, damage, technical malfunctions, replacements, repairs etc. Insurance will help you to protect from expensive repair costs.

Watch out for seasonal discounts

The popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart are offering seasonal discounts to attract attention and improve brand awareness. People love discounts!!! These platforms are providing impressive discounts on mobile phones during Christmas, New Year, Summer Sale, Winter Sale, End-of-Season Sale, Valentine’s Day, etc. Take advantage of seasonal discounts and get your favourite mobile phone at the cheapest price.

Check mobile phone deal sites

Have you ever heard about the coupon? Of course many times right. Coupons are often used at online or offline stores to claim an additional discount on total cart value. Great news!!! There are hundreds of coupon websites that are providing the latest deals and discounts on mobile phones from different providers. Check the coupon website and steal the deal right away. Get your dream mobile at discounted prices.

Prefer SIM-Only deals

Are you satisfied with the existing handset? Yes!!! It’s time to save big by choosing a SIM-only deal. A SIM-only deal is a well-known contract that provides the customer with attractive allowance – calls, SMS and data. Check the SIM card sizes such as micro and nano. Once you’ve inserted a SIM card into your mobile phone, it will automatically get synchronized to your existing network. Use the SIM card in multiple handsets. This is the best way to switch from one mobile to another and maintain the same number.

Sell old mobile

Did you know, your old mobile phone is still worth? Yes!!! Get instant cash by selling your old mobile phone. Sell your mobile phone at the best price on Compare My Mobile, eBay or other platforms and fill money in your pocket. Use money while buying a mobile phone or accessories. Selling the old phone is like saving the environment. You can decrease the environmental pollution from electronic waste, prevent water contamination and more.


Mobile phones are playing an important role in people’s lives. People can capture memories, send text messages to dear ones, store important information, listen to music and more. You need to be extra careful and cautious before buying a new mobile phone. Follow the above-mentioned tips to choose the best mobile phone deal. Pick the best provider in the market. Spend a couple of days on research to know the complete information. Check the mobile phone deal site to claim the best price. Don’t forget to get insurance when you buy an expensive mobile phone. Shop in offline stores for additional discount and easy repairs. Always choose SIM-only deals for extra benefits. Sell your old mobile phone to get instant cash.