In past times, creating a website involved learning programming in detail. As much as learning how to hand code can be said to be an exciting activity, the presence of a simpler, economical and time saving method cannot be ignored. Thanks to the WordPress job board themes, creating and establishing your own job board website involves a simple purchase of a customizable theme at an affordable price. WordPress themes are available in a wide variety to suit your different needs. The job board themes listed below are easily customizable, and they provide an interface that is easy to use. Furthermore, the themes are compatible with a wide range of devices including mobile phones and tablets with different screen sizes. The themes are also compatible with many browser applications such as Firefox, Opera and Safari. Creating a website has become an easy, time-saving task. The following are the top ten WordPress themes that you may use to create a job board website. They are not listed in order of priority:

1. Jobify

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For only $58, you can buy the best theme for creating a community where employers meet prospective employees. Jobify is the best theme for creating a job listings website. The striking qualities of this theme are its ease of use and ease of installation. Jobify can be installed in only five minutes. The design of this theme can only be described as clean and beautiful. Jobify’s design is optimized for iPhone and iPad, and crafted for Retina Displays. The design is customizable, and background colors and logos may be changed. This theme integrates with many plugins including WP Job Manager, NinjaForms and GravityForms.

2. Jobmonster


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Jobmonster is a theme that is specifically made to bring together all elements necessary to perform business functions. This theme professionally links employers and candidates in a very fluid manner. Jobmonster goes for only $58, after which you are able to access its stunning, aesthetic design. The design comes with great customizing capabilities as any element in the website can be changed. The interface is pleasing and easy to use with two home variations. Jobmonster integrates with the WooCommerce Paid Listings, and has a very co-operative support team.

3. Jobera


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The main function of this theme is to create a link between jobseekers and businesses. Jobera does this uniquely by adding the widest variety of features. It is amazing that this theme is licensed at a fee of $48 only. The design of Jobera can be a described as a clean-coded masterpiece. It brings with it unlimited home variations, multicolor schemes and more than one hundred Google fonts. Jobera is compatible with more than fifteen plugins, and has a responsive design. Jobera is easy to use; each job has an “apply” prompt, which enables a candidate to apply by simply pressing it.

4. WP Jobus


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The functions of WP Jobus can be divided into three: creating a Job Board, creating a Personal Resume website, and creating a Company Profile website. The most amazing thing about this theme is that it does not require plugins. It is designed to be a stand-alone theme. At a low price of $58, you are licensed to use a theme with a responsive design, more than six hundred and thirty Google fonts, a multilingual feature, ready Retina Displays, unlimited color schemes, and custom short codes. It is worthy to mention that WP Jobus is supported by mobile phones, tablets and many web browsers.

5. JobBoard


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At a relatively low price of $48, you can purchase a theme that will serve you the following purposes: a job listings and job directory platform, resume listing and resume directory platform, and a job marketplace and a resume marketplace. JobBoard is a unique display of classic simplicity to produce an easy-to-use interface. The theme has a responsive design, and provides an option of monetizing a website by incorporating Job Postings. JobBoard is extensively documented. It also has a very prompt support team.

6. PetSitter


This theme serve to create a websites that aim listings jobs specifically addressing pets. Pet sitter allows pet owners to list vacancies for pet sitters, and also allows pet sitters to post their profiles. This theme goes for only $58. However, this theme is not restricted to pet job only. It may be customized to suit other needs. PetSitter has clean, responsive design. It has more than six hundred Google fonts, over forty short codes, unlimited colors, and a translations feature. PetSitter integrates with many plugins, some are free and some are paid add-ons.

7. Nine to Five


This theme is best when creating a website for job listings and job directory, and wishing to employ maximum customization plans. Nine to Five goes for as low as $43 after which you may access over fifty customization plans. The design of this theme is a bold, fully responsive, easy to use interface, which can be optimized for iPhone and iPod. There are many color schemes that can be used for styling. This theme also enables creating of separate, independent blogs.

8. Careers


This is a $58 theme that best serves as a jobs portal and a candidate’s directory. It has front-end user pages for both candidates and recruiters. It also incorporates a special page for partners. Apart from the fair pricing, this theme enables production of information relating to candidate’s profiles and jobs available on demand. The design of Careers is an elegant, professional, clean-coded development. This theme has extensive documentation and a helpful support team.

9. JobRoller


This theme is credited as the most popular theme for WordPress. It is perfect for a website looking to avail different portfolios for employers and employees. JobRoller has a distinctive feature in that it has two different portals and tools for separate use by the employees and the recruiters. Pricing depends on the type of plan chosen; standard plan at $99 and developer package at $159. The design of this theme is a simple, easy-to-use development, which enable quick and easy of a website of this theme. The theme is also responsive such that the layout of this theme changes to optimize its view when using different devices. JobRoller is compatible with many plugins, has multiple color schemes, and alerts the community members by emails in case of any notifications. The creator of Jobroller, Appthemes, releases coupon codes which are regularly updated at’s AppThemes page.

10. JobEngine


JobEngine has a striking simplicity that catches anyone’s eye. Apart from offering different pricing for this theme, JobEngine offers the easiest way to monetize your website. JobEngine has three pricing plans: single theme at $85, standard package at $169, and full package at $199. This theme has a structural design, which enables easy managing of a website’s information. The design also allows customization, and creating logos for both mobile phones and computers.

You can find more than 10 job board themes for WordPress, however the best and most preferred ones are listed above. Stay tuned for more WordPress theme compilations!